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Winter retreat to Naples, FL!

Naples, FL

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Our parents spend most of winter in Naples, FL so we go at least once a year! Over the years we have found some pretty cool places to explore. From wetlands and conservation areas to small ruins and history - the more you explore beyond its beautiful beaches - the more you discover!

Sunsets are amazing - people actually clap after it's natural performance! There is a lot of incredible food options. 

Naples is really what you make of it. It can be a lot of relaxation or filled with adventure!

Guide Highlights

Kayaking through the Mangroves
There are plenty of kayaking and boating opportunities in and around Naples!

Exploring the Naples Beaches! This Guide breaks it down for you!
There are SO many to choose from. White sand, dolphin sightings and sea-shell collecting.

Guide Features

Local Food
Healthy Food
Foodie Favorites
Laid-back or Relaxation
Water Sports
Photo spots


Our guide is great for family, couples, solo travel or a girls trip! We have visited Naples both with and without our kids.

We list several accommodation recs - varying in budget and location. Naples is a pretty sprawling town!

We've also included our favorite restaurants for breakfast, lunch & dinner. As well as really cool things to do around Naples and fun day trip ideas!
We breakdown the beaches and include a packing list.

Our Guide is for family's who want a combination of relaxation and adventure. And, who appreciate good food!

We have been to Naples every winter for at least ten years. We also spend days researching before each visit. Rest assured that you do not need to do any additional research after purchasing our Guide!

This guide crafted by:

Mollie Krengel

Nothing energizes me more than exploring a new city. I totally geek out on the travel research which makes for super cool experiences!

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