Ava L

I'm Ava, and for most of the year, I work as a teacher. As you can imagine, when there's a school break, I need to get away! Through lots of planning and practice, I've learned to make the most of my limited time on a budget. My itineraries are very detailed, well-researched, and booked in advance to get the best prices. Every trip I plan is better than the next; I couldn't even tell you my favorite. My trips are full of fun, adventure, yummy hot spots, and natural beauties. That’s what you will get with Adventures with Ava! This Earth has so much to offer, and it’s up to each of us to find the time to connect with this planet and to ourselves. If you have any questions about my vacations or me, feel free to ask! I wish you nothing but good times and good vibes on your next great adventure!! <3 Ava