8 Unique Things to do in Denver, CO

8 Unique Things to do in Denver, CO

Denver – a city of world-class museums, home of the Nuggets, and much more. But essentially, this city is a perfect destination to travel to if you haven’t already. If you are considering visiting it, here are the eight unique things to do in Denver, CO, and make the most of your trip. But be careful, you might decide to stay there. You wouldn’t be the first one.

1. Visit the heart of Denver – the Larimer Square

A highly Instagramable area, Larimer Square will immediately win you over, both with its looks and story. This is the place where Denver came about. The first block, the first shopping zone, the first residential area – it was all here, at Larimer Square. Today this colorful street offers exquisite restaurants and entertainment venues everyone loves returning to. If you are going on a girls’ trip to Denver, this is perfect for having dinner and cocktails at the end of a thrilling day.

One of the unique things to do in Denver is to visit Larimer Square and enjoy exploring the heart of Denver.
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2. Stroll through Denver Botanic Gardens, the sanctuary of nature

The peace of Denver Botanic Gardens is what we all need in these hectic times. In a way, it’s the perfect opposite of the hustle and bustle of Larimer Square. There are as many as 50 gardens one can see there, displaying a surprisingly large number of plants, all in perfect harmony. Apart from the meditative effects and awesome photo background, this complex offers events and festivals you shouldn’t miss. Just check out their schedule and organize your visit around at least one of the cool happenings there. You and your family will make some golden memories there.

A sanctuary for plants and people alike, Denver Botanic Gardens offer tranquility and a learning experience.
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3. One of the unique things to do in Denver is to tour the beer breweries 

Denver is one of the world’s capitals of beer because some of the many reputable beer producers originate from it. In recent years, many smaller-scale beer producers have offered some very cool products everyone should sample. Beer lovers can participate in the Denver Beer Trial event and have the time of their lives. Breweries, such as Breckenridge Brewery, open their doors to all visitors who want to sample classic and less classic types of this hugely popular alcoholic beverage. And here’s a suggestion for men who love beer as opposed to their wives who love shopping instead. Exploring the beer scene of Denver is a great way to kill time until the shopping-oriented part of your family finishes exploring stores.

Denver’s beer brewing scene is ever-developing and never dull.
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4. Denver Performing Arts Complex treats the audience with the highest quality shows

Whatever your favorite type of shows may be, Denver Performing Arts Complex has got you covered. People can enjoy musicals, operas, plays, and all sorts of performing arts events. What is special about this complex is that it consists of venues of such design to provide the optimal conditions for the success of a performance. But the entertainment doesn’t end there. In this area, the nightlife scene thrives, with numerous bars welcoming tourists and locals with open arms.

5. ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown House is a museum that teaches about female heroism and kindness

Everyone knows the story of Titanic and how only a handful of people made it from its tragic first voyage. One of them was an extraordinary woman Molly Brown, whose house in Denver is now a museum. Molly was a wife of a rich J.J.Brown who selflessly helped save many people from certain death by insisting that her lifeboat returns to look for survivors in the freezing water. She got her unusual nickname that way, but it was only one of the situations that showcased her empathy and heroism. 

This house is located in the area called Capitol Hill. According to the relocation experts from Homegrown Moving Company, Colorado people that move there tend to be wealthy. That is no surprise since this area boasts old-style mansions that are relatively expensive and lacks neither modern life amenities nor the riches of nature. 

6. LoDo is a go-to area for all real foodies and trendsetters 

Lower Downtown, or LoDo, is a harmonious mix of history, modern trends, and inventive arts. But most of all, it is a food mecca attracting all that want a high-quality meal. After a delicious lunch, one can visit some of the incredible museums in the area. Besides the ones with a traditional take on art display, there is a selfie museum that will provide you with photos social media fans will adore. 

Also, this area is very popular to move to. To reach the highest levels of relaxation with the least amount of stress a relocation can bring you, settle here with expert help, especially if you are making a long-distance move to Denver. While the professional movers are taking care of your belongings, you can take a food tour around your new neighborhood. That way, you will turn a nerve-wracking experience into a vacation for taste buds. 

7. At the Children’s Museum of Denver, your kid will learn that learning can be fun 

Museums keep knowledge and cultural heritage, and a kid’s museum is that and much more. Take your child to this unusual educational institution in Denver that strives to teach children a lot through play. By encouraging the children’s creativity, the museum applies cutting-edge learning concepts at a young age. If you are traveling with a child to Denver, this is a great place to teach your kid that learning can be a fun activity. 

8. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater gives a classic hike a cultural edge

Outdoorsy people can have a fabulous day at the hiking paradise Red Rocks Park. The scenery is spectacular, with reddish hues making it quite special. There’s a geologically formed amphitheater that is worth visiting to admire yet another masterpiece of nature. Incredible, active, educational – all that describes a visit to this attraction you will not regret seeing. 

Final thoughts

There are undoubtedly many more unique things to do in Denver, CO, but these eight are a great start. Pack your bags, and bring an open-mind attitude and your appetite. Denver will welcome you with a warm hug and give you a lot to talk about to the next generations someday.

Denver – a city of world-class museums, home of the Nuggets, and much more. But essentially, this city is a perfect destination to travel to if you haven’t already. If you are considering visiting it, here are the eight unique things to do in Denver, CO, and make the most of your trip. But be…