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Guide Architects live all over the globe and are passionate about sharing real travel wisdom. Going cray (in a good way!) over the coolest places to stay, yummiest restaurants and hidden gems; crafting the building blocks for others to create a magical adventure of their own. As a Guide Architect, you will create your own Profile and sell your comprehensive travel guides on our beautiful & user-friendly site!

Become an Architect

Guide Architect Benefits

Earn Money.

We believe that travel planning a skill. Earn money from your hard-work, time and passion! Crafting a comprehensive travel guide/blueprint saves someone's valuable time in what is often an overwhelming process.

Build Community.

Wild Bum is a cultural movement. Through community + travel we dare people to live life and experience the world. Your Wild Bum profile links directly to your instagram handle to build trust + connection. We are an active community of travelers #wildbumming!

Receive a Discount.

As an architect, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on travel guides, so you can keep on adventuring to all the best well-known and unknown destinations. Share tips and local secrets with other travel enthusiasts to expand your horizons. Become part of the growing community of Wild Bums.

About Our Architects

Wild Bum Guide Architects care deeply about creating Guides that are crafted, current and comprehensive…and most importantly, trusted! This is the travelers’ one-stop-planning-shop to find not only travel inspiration but a tailored blueprint so that they will finally take that trip! As a Guide Architect, you will be helping travelers save their valuable time in a process that many either do not have time for or find completely overwhelming!

As a Guide Architect, we want to support everything you do. Your Guide Architect Profile will share your Instagram handle so that you can build community and grow your other pursuits outside of Wild Bum. Travelers will also have access to all of your uploaded Guides for purchase! If they love your travel style chances are they will be back for more!

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Become an Architect

Become an Architect

Create your own Wild Bum profile to create and sell comprehensive travel guides for your favorite locations. Wild Bum provides an appealing and user-friendly platform on which you can market your unique experiences and insight into the locations people want to visit. You can even link your Instagram account to connect and grow your audience on both platforms.