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How do I reset my password?
Visit the password reset page and follow the instructions.


Can I share the Guide or post online?
Absolutely not. Please refer to our Terms of Service and the legal language noted at the bottom of each Guide. Please be a good human. And, please support the Guide Architects. Feel free to share a link to your favorite Guides for purchase. But, under no circumstance are the Guides to be shared or posted for public viewing. Thank you!
Is the Guide Architect responsible for my travel experience?
No. They provide you with a blueprint. You determine your attitude! No returns. Many aspects of travel are out of our control. Your travel Guide is meant to help reduce stress and for you to enjoy the benefits of travel, even as the unexpected happens.
How current is the Guide?
All travel Guides must be updated AT LEAST once a year.
How do I determine which Guide is right for me?
Read the Guide Architect’s profile to determine if you have a similar travel style! Scroll through their trip images. Read the Guide Description + Highlights.
Why should I purchase a Wild Bum Travel Guide vs. doing an online search?
Wild Bum travel Guides are real travel research, created by real people, from their real travels! Tried & true. Forget hours spent reading through pages and pages of a Google search, blog posts or deciphering which reviews are real. Wild Bum’s Guide Architects have you covered with comprehensive travel information. No need to look further. Think of it as your blueprint! So you can stay present during a travel experience and know where to spend your precious time and money.
How long are the guides?
The guides vary by architect, but they contain everything you need to know for a great trip! Please read the Guide Description for more detailed information about that particular Guide.


How do I create a Travel Guide and set the price?

Using the Google Slides Template provided on the site and following the instruction page, you can customize your Guide as you would like! For brand consistency, please only use illustrations and logos provided by Wild Bum. Add as much information as possible, this will vary depending on Guide destination. The pages are pre-formatted to save you time!

Using the pre-determined prices, set your Guide at a price that feels right for the amount of time you spent on your research as well as the amount of information provided. If it is a Weekend Getaway, your Guide price might be on the lower end of the spectrum. If it’s a week or two week trip filled with juicy recommendations, choose a higher price. Ultimately, it is up to your discretion.

Can I upload a Guide that focuses on a specific topic?
Sure! Just be as transparent as possible so the traveler knows that your Guide focuses on one specific area. Utilize the icons/features available.
As a Guide Architect, can I edit my Guide(s)?
Absolutely! You can Edit your Guide(s) at any time! The PDF must be updated at least once a year. You can add/revise as frequently as you would like.
When/how do I get paid?
Wild Bum will pay you monthly via PayPal.
Am I the right fit to become a Guide Architect?
Do you LOVE travel research? Do you obsess over the coolest & best places to stay, eat and explore on a travel experience? Do you want to encourage other people to have the same magical trip as you? Do you get energized by trip planning? Do you not want to settle for ordinary or top tourists sites rather go in pursuit of hidden gems and local favorites? Do you LOVE your own city and want to share what makes it so awesome? Did you answer mostly “HECK YES” to these questions?! Then you are our jam! Become a Guide Architect and create/sell your Guides!
What image types are supported?
JPG and PNG are the supported image types.

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