A Desert Lover’s Guide Through Death Valley

Group 6 Death Valley, California
Spring, Winter
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About the location

For any desert lovers out there, Death Valley is a treat! The area may be know for its extremes, such as their hottest temperatures and driest landscapes, but it is also known for its natural beauty. The park is filled with stark vistas, colorful rock formations, sand dunes, and more!

Guide Highlights

A Google Map List of Death Valley Spots

I created a Death Valley list on Google Maps and saved all the spots mentioned in my guide. The link to my list will be shared in the guide!

Sharing Remote Locations

Most of Death Valley is untouched and secluded. Sometimes you may be the only person in the area for miles on out.

Guide Summary

My guide will highlight the main popular spots to visit at Death Valley National Park (Furnace Creek / Badwater / Stovepipe Wells) and also the more remote, secluded areas (Panamint Valley).

Note, the more secluded the spot is, the more likely a 4WD is needed. Overall, you won't be disappointed! This guide is definitely for the outdoor adventurers, for the desert lovers, and for those who want to rough it out at the park. However, I do leave a few options for anyone who want to stay at the park comfortably as well!

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