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Group 6 Seattle, Washington
Summer, Fall
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About the location

Seattle aka The Emerald City due to the city being surrounded by lush green forests, has something for everyone. Nature, art, architecture, coffee, history, culture, and so so much food. Seattle is one of my favorite cities and I am so excited for you to experience it for yourself!

This guide is meant to be efficient and effective for you to get the most out of your stay in Seattle. The sample itinerary is broken down into four full days in a different area so that you can easily customize this guide by choosing where you want to go. All you have to do is get to the city and enjoy!

Thinking of exploring outside of Seattle? This guide includes an extend your trip section with day trip ideas to Fremont and Tacoma, WA and weekend getaway ideas to the Olympic Peninsula and Mt. Rainier National Park!

Guide Highlights

4 Day Itinerary with Walking Maps

Venture to Downtown/Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill, and Lower Queen Anne!

DIY Coffee Tour

Experience Seattle's coffee scene yourself! Coffee shops all over the city are included so you can customize your own coffee tour!

Guide Summary

Guide Includes:

Where to Stay 
I share where I have stayed, highly rated hotels downtown, budget friendly hostels and airbnbs.

Where to Eat
 Including Breakfast and Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Coffee, Breweries and Cocktails!

What to Do
Museums, Theaters, Gardens, Parks, Monuments, Tours, Shopping, Beautiful buildings to explore, free attractions, and a list of photo spots!

Getting Around
If you do or don't have a car and how to get around with public transportation.

4 Day Itinerary
Detailed itinerary with maps, taking you through downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods!

Extend Your Trip
Day Trips and Weekend Getaway ideas to nearby destinations are provided if you have extra days to enjoy the area.

Travel Tips
My overall go-to travel tips I share with everyone!

Featured in this guide

Local food
Photo spots
Group 31 Museums
Foodie favorites
Group 39 Art
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 38 Bike-friendly
Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping
Group 33 Walkable
Group 13 Public transportation

Great for these trips

Cultural / Historical
Family with kids
Girls / Guys Trip
Family without kids
Weekend Getaway


5.0 (1 review)

  • Work Trip Turned Solo Adventure

    My fiance was in Seattle for a week on a work trip, so I decided to crash it. While he was in meetings all day, I had the day to explore the city on my own. Having a detailed guide handy like this one really allowed me to get the most out of my quick trip! I was 100% impressed with every. single. foodie stop, brewery tour, and sights seen on this trip. Alia took it one step further with her mapped out sample itineraries showcasing all the different areas (fav part), and how to hit all the spots in the most convenient way. THANK YOU, Alia, for helping me scratch off this amazing city off my list. :)

  • Guide Architect

    Alia Rose

    Alia Rose

    Always planning the next adventure! Also a wife, writer, reader, coffee addict and to-do list maker living in the Midwest. I blog about dog friendly travel at

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