Desert Road Trip: LA to Palm Springs to Joshua Tree

Group 6 Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Los Angeles, California
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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About the location

Joshua Tree National Park is home to 800,000 acres of whimsical desert wilderness and thousands of beautiful Joshua Trees native to the Mojave Desert. With great hikes and mountainous landscapes, the national park alone is a unique, fascinating, and worthwhile. But hey, you've already thought about flying into LAX and picking up a rental car, why not make a stop in Palm Springs, too? 

This guide takes you from LA to Palm Springs, then from PS to Joshua Tree and gives you every detail you'd possibly need to make this a memorable, carefree, and EVEN RELAXING road trip. From tasty grub in the middle of the desert, rainbow hotels and tiki bars, do-not-miss stops in the national park to first timer LA hotspots, this guide has it all. Ranging in accommodation prices and food options, this guide is for a traveler with any kind of budget.

Guide Highlights

A three destination week-long road trip itinerary

Where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Palm Springs & in/near Joshua Tree + LA hotspots

Highlights of Joshua Tree National Park and beyond

Did someone say sound bath?!

Guide Summary

A Southern California road trip for both the lover of the desert and the city. Foodie favorites, quirky stops, and plenty of outdoor adventures: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree.

In this Guide, I provide you with the best places to stay in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and Los Angeles. All the food options you could need. The best hikes near Palm Springs and in Joshua Tree National Park.

Other cool things to do. If you have a day or two in L.A. I fill you in on where to eat, what not to miss, the best guided tours and more. 

This Guide has it all - your planning is done!

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