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Group 6 Sydney, NSW, Australia
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If Sydney is on your list of places to see, then this guide should be on your list of things to bring! Get suggestions and travel recommendations from someone who has seen this city as a tourist multiple times. Traveling to a new city is fun and exciting, and this guide will help take all the guesswork out of planning your trip! Explore suggestions for museums, parks, landmarks and top sightseeing spots. Be ready to take on the beautiful coastline, or go inland to do some hiking and exploring in the mountains. After a long day, you'll be ready for the recommended restaurants, with incredible menus and great atmospheres. Enjoy Sydney to the fullest!

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Living like a Local

Of course the opera house and bridge are on your list, but what else makes Sydney so loveable? Take in this city like a local.

Great food, drinks and views!

My favorite thing about Circular Quay is that there's tons of spots to have dinner, a glass of wine and a great view!

Guide Summary

There is so much to see and do in Sydney, that you could spend a few weeks there just to take it all in! While this guide has many suggestions for things to do and day trips, make sure you take time to enjoy the beach views and exquisite cuisine. This guide can be paired with additional guides if you are planning to see other cities in Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Great Ocean Road. Reach out through wild bum if you’re interested in touring other cities! I’ve done a few multi-city trips through Australia before and I’m happy to help with any trip coordination. 

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    Magenta Tygret

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