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Are you planning a road trip out west? Does your road trip take you through the Silver State? Nevada is one of the most beautiful states and if you know where to look it can be easily accessible from your carefully planned road trip!

This guide is designed as a comprehensive list of "pit stops" that you can add to your road trip through two of the major highways in Nevada. Most stops will add anywhere from  20 minutes to several hours to your trip, depending on how long you stay! Covering 8 towns and/or exits along two different major highways, you're sure to find convenient hikes, hot springs, or interesting eateries along your route.

Guide Highlights

Hidden Hot Springs!

Featuring "off the beaten path" natural hot springs, the secluded spas in this guide will be the perfect way to relax on your journey!

Tunes for the Trip!

Includes a full page of song ideas for your road trip playlist! The list has songs from various genres that give off desert driving vibes. 

Guide Summary

You've spent lots of time thinking about your perfect 'out-west' or California coast road trip; but you still have that one leg of the trip through Nevada that is just hours and driving straight through. If you're wanting to add some adventure to that stretch of boredom, this is the perfect guide for you! 

- Best restaurants along the major NV travel corridors
- Insights into the unique culture of the true American west
- List of 10 adventures (both indoors and outdoors) off of I-80 that will add less than 2 hours to your trip
- List of 8 adventures (mostly outdoors) off of Highway 50
- Bonus idea if you're driving through Utah!
- Page of playlist inspiration for all music tastes

I've spent a good two years in rural Nevada for work, and I learned the hard way that a lot of the coolest places are not easily accessible via the internet. I've compiled detailed directions for those hidden lakes that you won't find easily on Google Maps, hopefully it'll save you from getting lost in the high desert like I endured several times. 

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Local food
Foodie favorites
Kayaking / Canoeing

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Family with kids
Family without kids
Active / Adventure
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