Long Weekend Fun in Lisbon!

Group 6 Lisbon and Cascais, Portugal
Spring, Fall
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About the location

Once a stop over in transit to other European countries, Portugal is now THE hot spot vacation destination, and for very good reason! The country is a historic, cultural and gastronomic mecca, offering so much to everyone lucky enough to step foot within its borders...beautiful year-round weather, stunning panoramic landscapes, gorgeous coastline, fresh seafood, colorful street art, and relatively inexpensive prices, and more!

A good friends’ wedding was the perfect excuse for me and my husband John to visit the Lisbon area in October 2019. In addition to the celebration, we got to explore so much of the beautiful city and take an overnight trip to Cascais, nearby coastal town, for an additional romantic getaway. While we would have loved more time, we made the most of the few days that we had! And in order to do that, we did a TON of research to prioritize the best things and packed in as much as we could!

Whether your visit to the Lisbon area is part of longer trip to Portugal or on its own, come for the stunning panoramic views, the food, and the weather and stay for the treasures and genuine hospitality you’ll find simply wandering around its old streets immersed in history, culture, and more!

Guide Highlights

Location is everything...while Lisbon is full of great areas, where you stay will really impact your experience.

Find out which neighborhood should be your home base in order to make the most of your short time!

Pack it all in...you'll find a suggested 3 day itinerary of Lisbon and Cascais with the best restaurants, attractions, views & hidden gems.

Learn which tourist sites should you actually pay for, how to eat like a local, and whether Pasteis de Nata is worth the hype!

Guide Summary

This carefully curated guide is for those who love to be active and pack in as much into the day as possible! It includes:

-How to get to Portugal and how to get around once you're there
-The best neighborhoods to stay in along with the highest recommended hotels
-A suggested 2-day itinerary of exploring Lisbon and all it has to offer
-A suggested 1-day itinerary of exploring Cascais, nearby beautiful coastal town, known both for adventure and relaxation
-Tips and etiquette
-Packing info and list
This guide contains everything you will need to plan your long weekend in Lisbon! It can also be adapted for those who extend their visit and split up the things to do and see over time. 

As a note, this guide reflects what we chose to do as well as the things we wish we would have chosen to do, based on what we learned (primarily through conversations with locals). While we tried to be budget-conscious, at times we prioritized comfort and convenience due to our limited time.

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Local food
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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Foodie favorites
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Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping
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Group 13 Public transportation

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