Mexico City: History, Culture and Art in the Vibrant Mexican Capital

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About the location

Second largest metropolis in Latin America, Mexico City is vibrant, diverse and able to offer a truly authentic travelexperience.

The legacies left by the pre-Hispanic peoples and the Spaniards are present in different parts and, many times, blendin a harmony that is the hallmark of the City. And the city knows how to tell its story and show its culture. Colonial buildings built in places that were once Aztec palaces. The outstanding cuisine that, today modern, is based on local ingredients used by native peoples. In its 170 museums and 43 art galleries, the history and culture of Mexico ismasterfully told. The people are receptive and contagious.

Mexico City is the perfect destination for those who enjoy cultural and gastronomic trips and the vibrancy of big cities.

Guide Highlights

Special: Día de los Muertos

In this guide you will find a complete list of the best places to visit and top things to do to get in the mood of Día de los Muertos!

Culture, art and cuisine

In this guide you will find a list of the best museums of Mexican history and art, and great restaurants to taste the best of Mexican food.

Guide Summary

In this guide you will find:
  • A list of the most important art and history museums in Mexico City (where you will get in touch with culture, art and history from pre-Hispanic peoples, the colonial period, to the present day);
  • Suggestion of restaurants where you can taste different dishes and drinks of outstanding and delicious Mexican cuisine;
  • Tips on how to get around the city and how to organize your itinerary by area;
  • A special section for those who want to visit Mexico City on the Día de los Muertos;
  • Accommodation suggestions in the best locations, for you to do most of the activities indicated by foot or a short distance by car or subway.

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Group 32 Historical
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Group 13 Public transportation

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