The Ultimate Guide to a Long Weekend (or more) in San Fran!

Group 6 San Francisco, California
Summer, Fall
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About the location

Oh San Fran. It is one of my favorite places - with all its quirks and personality…it is an amazing place to explore for a long weekend (or more!). We've spent several days in SF and then taken side trips to Carmel, Big Sur & Healdsburg (you can find Wild Bum Guides to Point Reyes, Healdsburg & even a Desert Road Trip, if interested in adding on!).

It's a foodies paradise. San Francisco is super easy to get around. It has something for everyone! I discover something new each time I go. You can be as busy as you want or relax and take in the views — from several spots within the city!

If it's foggy or chilly, you can often times hop on the ferry to Sausalito and feel a bit of sunshine to warm you up!

Read below to find out what this comprehensive Guide entails.

Guide Highlights

The Golden Gate Bridge

Well, sure - it is the most visited bridge in the U.S. Also, the most photographed, in perhaps the world…and for good reason!

This is a tie between the food and the hiking/outdoor space.

I've had some of the best meals of my life in SF and I have had some of the greatest hiking experiences!

Guide Summary

Alright. Here are the deets on my Guide. If you LOVE food - this Guide is for you! I list coffee shops, breakfast, lunch and dinner MUSTS! Hot spots! There are quite a few options in the Guide for you to choose from with working links.

Accommodation Recs: I do list a few Airbnb options as well as hotels.

I've got you covered with a neighborhood breakdown, the best bars, music venues & speakeasies. All of the hikes and parks to explore, cool things to do, hidden gems, current events and even day trips!

If you want an opportunity to do a little service or volunteer work - I've got you covered there as well. Including a Tips & Etiquette page.

This Guide will save you hours and hours and hours of research — look no farther! Save your time & your sanity. Printer-friendly…take your blueprint & go ENJOY San Fran. 

Featured in this guide

Local food
Healthy food
Photo spots
Group 31 Museums
Foodie favorites
Group 39 Art
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 38 Bike-friendly
Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping
Water sports
Group 33 Walkable
Kayaking / Canoeing
Group 13 Public transportation

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    Mollie Krengel

    Nothing energizes me more than exploring a new city. I totally geek out on the travel research which makes for super cool experiences!

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