The Ultimate Guide to the Capital of the Paella!

Group 6 Valencia, Spain
Spring, Fall
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About the location

If you love cobbled street, a rich history, mediterranean flair, beaches and surreal architecture - Valencia is for you! With 300 sunshine days per year, any time is a good time to visit this Spanish beauty and you'll find it's less crowded than Barcelona and Madrid.

Guide Highlights

Sightseeing like a local

Rely on a local's knowledge to know exactly where to go, what to order and how to behave with this guide!

Options for every budget

Find a variety of free and budget-friendly activities to fill your weekend - maximum experience, minimum $$!

Guide Summary

This guide gives you first-hand travel information and carefully curated tips from somebody that has lived in this beautiful city.
You will learn about spots that other tourists might miss out on, you will know exactly where to go for the best food and you will be equipped with everything you need to act like locals do. 

You can expect:

  • A break down of the most popular neighborhoods
  • A Sample itinerary for a weekend in Valencia
  • A list of must-do's and must-eats
  • Info on where to stay and how to get around
  • Hidden gems and a curated selection of cafés and restaurants

Featured in this guide

Local food
Photo spots
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Group 31 Museums
Foodie favorites
Group 39 Art
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 38 Bike-friendly
Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping
Water sports
Group 33 Walkable
Group 13 Public transportation

Great for these trips

Cultural / Historical
Family with kids
Girls / Guys Trip
Family without kids
Romantic / Honeymoon
Weekend Getaway


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  • Guide Architect

    Marie Utsch

    Marie Utsch

    I’m a mix of German and French roots, I can feel at home anywhere in the world, but I always enjoy coming home to Cologne, Germany. Lived in Buenos Aires, Valencia, Munich, Dusseldorf - let's see what's next!

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