Vegas - Ultimate Strip

Group 6 The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Spring, Summer
$$, $$$

About the location

Las Vegas - Sin City - The City of Lights - however it is you know Vegas, everyone imagines a brightly lit strip of road where anything can happen and money is just an object to use to get what you want.

It really can be the ultimate playground in a colourful, vibrant city (not so much a city but a long stretch of highway that the mob once ran and now all the tourists do) that can make or break the bank. Here, you can do a lot without much and even more with a lot; it here where money does all the talking.  

Things people are saying about the itinerary:
"Oh, wow. It is a lot more info than I expected. It looks awesome! I can now impress my buddies and they'll never know this is my first visit." - Graham
"You were not kidding; there is everything covered" - Rebecca 

Guide Highlights

Did you know there is a magic show in Vegas that is Invite Only?

This guide will fill you in on how to get your name on that list! This is only one of many tips & tricks you'll get in this guide.

Did you know that there are free Apps you can get to save $$ & earn FREE hotel stays?

It is true! This is just one of the many tricks that I talk about in this guide that you NEED to know.

Guide Summary

Updated for 2023 and even bigger! 

Formerly 68 pages, this 76 page guide covers everything you will ever need such as:
  • basic need to know information (currency, time zone, etc)
  • common scams, what to look for, & how to avoid
  • how to get around the state as well as the city and area
  • accommodation (where to stay, where the locals stay, where to visit, where to skip, and more)
  • activities (free, top, family, etc) as well as tour recommendations, and tour companies
  • restaurants (top, hidden, local faves, family, and more) 
  • partying (day club, beach clubs, and more) 
  • Alphabet Mafia friendly activities
  • Date day / night activities (want to join the mile high club?)
  • more tips & tricks then you'll know what to do with ranging from tipping properly to get what you want (the $20 bill trick is outdated!), increasing your chances of winning, making your night out the best it can be, and so very many more.

It really is the Ultimate itinerary for your Ultimate Las Vegas Strip visit! 

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