Vienna for coffee lovers

Group 6 Vienna, Austria
Spring, Fall

About the location

Vienna is Austria's capital and largest city. It lies in the heart of Europe and offers a wide variety of culture, nature and some amazing food!

Guide Highlights

Foodies paradise

This guide will point out where to get great coffee and also what to pair it with. From cake to coffee cocktails, something for everyone!

Would you like a bit of history with that coffee?

If you would like to learn a bit about Vienna’s history and coffee house culture, this guide includes historic info and random tidbits.

Guide Summary

This guide will highlight some of the best places to grab a coffee in Vienna. Vienna has a long-standing and unique coffee house culture dating back to the late 17th century. The first "Kaffeehaus" in Vienna was opened in 1683. With such a long-standing tradition, UNESCO includes Viennese Coffee House Culture in the national inventory of intangible cultural heritage since 2011.

Featured in this guide

Local food
Healthy food
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Foodie favorites
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 32 Historical
Group 33 Walkable
Group 13 Public transportation

Great for these trips

Cultural / Historical
Family without kids
Weekend Getaway


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  • Guide Architect

    Soph Bee

    Soph Bee

    Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, with a strong sense for adventure and travel. I love to explore new countries and their culture, history and food. With my guides I hope to open up the wonders of Vienna as a local sees them to you.

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