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Group 6 Saint Petersburg, Florida
Spring, Summer
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About the location

Saint Petersburg, FL is the city of dreams. So colorful. lively. active. And it's got the perfect mix of cityscape and beachside hangs to indulge in! Everyone hears of the big cities of Florida like Miami + Orlando, but this city, also known as the Sunshine City, has been sitting pretty in all its glory the whole time! It has the best beaches, friendly people, perfect weather, and endless opportunity. You can't not be beaming with happiness, losing yourself here. This place is for the craft beer lovers, active allie's, foodies, artsy fartsy folks, beach bums, and overall life enthusiasts! And it's waiting for YOU.

Guide Highlights


Picture your favorite thing to picture it on the water. I promise anything is 10x better with a little seaside action and sunshine!


The museums are a must see here + the botanical garden spots + hundreds of murals + ...I can keep going, or you can just see for yourself ;)

Guide Summary

This guide breaks down the coolest places to stay in luxury or like a local, where + what to eat (and trust me, you are going to want to try it all), cutest spots for photo ops and getting lost in the art, and all the sunshine city vibes. This is an insider's lay of the land, so you can find what speaks to you the most and explore the city the best way you know how, so get to it!

I lived here for over a year, and can't stop talking about how amazing of a place it is. I just want everyone to experience it for themselves! If you like the sun, a cold beer (or any beverage) in hand, unique foodie spots, and waterside activities - this is the place for you.

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    Brittney Stubbings

    Brittney Stubbings

    Former RVer. Current San Diegan. Find me in the sunshine, with a craft beer in hand, fitting bits of travel into my every day life - and sharing them with you to do the same!

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