Visiting San Juan

Group 6 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Spring, Summer
$$, $$$

About the location

Puerto Rico is so much more than just another Caribbean island. In this guide I'll focus on the San Juan area and everything there is to do, see and eat while here! Whether you're a beach bum, outdoor explorer, culture lover or foodie- you'll love San Juan. 

Guide Highlights

Let out your inner adventurer!

Hike the rain-forest, kayak the bio-luminescent bay, explore uninhabited islands and more!

Food experiences:

From local cuisines like mofongo to interesting fusions like Puerto Rican sushi made with plantains- I'll name all my favorite spots.

Guide Summary

I went to Puerto Rico this past year on a whim. I was in search for an affordable island with a short flight time to explore with some extra time I had off work and stumbled upon San Juan Puerto Rico. Although it wasn't a destination originally on my radar I ended up completely falling in love and can't wait to go back. 

This guide will include insider tips like the best spots to grab a meal and where to stay depending on your tastes and budget - do you prefer a hostel, local B&B, bohemian spots with daily yoga, luxurious boutique hotels or historic building in the center of old San Juan? No matter your taste I have a recommendation that will work for you. If you haven't been to San Juan yet - don't put it off any longer!

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    Cassandra Londono

    Traveler, Foodie, Explorer. I am an advocate for responsible tourism and love indulging in local experiences.

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