Your Social Distance Friendly Guide to Asheville

Group 6 Asheville, North Carolina
Spring, Summer, Fall
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About the location

Asheville, North Carolina is a strange little city. It's bohemian, healthy, super liberal but still pretty Southern. I've spent the last four months living 20 minutes outside of Asheville, almost accidentally, with my girlfriend and dog. We've found it a great place to be quarantined, but I've also realized that it has the ability to be a safe and still a very enjoyable place to visit for those who need to get out and travel but are a little nervous to do so because of COVID-19. Especially in downtown, people and restaurants have been conscious of what is going on and practicing social distancing. 

That being said, even though nothing is normal right now, the mountains out here are gorgeous, the waterfalls and rivers are still running. The beer is running almost as fervently and straight from the breweries themselves. So...just get your ass to Asheville, go on a hike, catch a gorgeous mountainous view, have a beer...have a few beers and try and enjoy yourself.

Guide Highlights

A Self Guided Craft Brewery Tour

Almost every craft brewery in Asheville is located within a one-mile radius. I list my favorite ones and in what order I'd see them.

The Outdoors!

Asheville's surrounded by the outdoors. Within an hour's drive you'll find hikes leading to waterfalls and gorgeous views.

Guide Summary

This is going to be your compact, informative, and social-distance-friendly guide on how to get a filling taste of all of Asheville's best qualities. From a self-guided craft brewery tour to jumping into a cold flowing mountain river.

This guide includes the following:

- Hiking/Outdoor Suggestions
- A suggested self-guided beer tour
- Insights on where to stay
- A wide variety of restaurants


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Local food
Healthy food
Photo spots
Foodie favorites
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  • Guide Architect

    Julian Garcia

    Julian Garcia

    Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Now I live in Beacon, NY and travel whenever I can, even if it's close by.

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