6 Ways a Spa Day Can Boost Your Mental Health

6 Ways a Spa Day Can Boost Your Mental Health

If you feel the stresses of life building up, you might start to feel unwell. Perhaps you feel depressed or overwhelmed. Your skin affects so many aspects of your life. For example, skin cancer affects life insurance, acne may affect your self-confidence, and dry skin may make you want to stay covered up.

It may be time for a spa day if you’re dealing with skin issues. Spas don’t only address your skin, though. They also deal with your muscles and improve circulation. Some practitioners even claim spa treatments can help flush toxins.  In addition, each spa treatment can help you improve your mental health in addition to your physical health. 

Visiting a spa can boost your outlook by providing stress relief and relaxation. After a spa treatment, you’ll be better able to cope with the stress of life and your health conditions.

Read on to learn six different ways going to the spa can improve your mental health.

#1 – Experience Stress Relief From a Massage

When you make time to care for yourself, you can leave your worries at the door and step aside from your stress. Then, during the time you’re at the spa, you can rest.

In addition to the abstract idea of leaving stress behind, a spa day will physically help you reduce stress. For example, people tend to hold tension in their shoulders and neck. A massage will help release those tense muscles, and that physical relief will aid in a mental release.

Another practical way that a day at the spa can help reduce stress is by helping you identify skin conditions that need attention. While estheticians and massage therapists aren’t skin doctors and shouldn’t take the place of dermatologists, they can help alert you to potential problems. 

Vacationing can also help reduce your stress, so you might want to combine your vacation with a spa day. Whether you choose the ultimate staycation or international travel, you should check out the unique spa treatments available wherever you stay.

It’s hard to beat a Swedish massage in Sweden. The focus there is on total body relaxation. If you visit Thailand, you should schedule an ancient Thai massage where instead of passively having a massage, you’ll become an active participant. Swedish and Thai massages have vastly different approaches and benefits. 

#2 – Boosted Confidence With a Facial

Spa treatments will make you feel better. Your skin will feel smoother, your muscles more mobile, and your face more radiant. When your body and skin feel refreshed, your mental confidence will also get a natural boost. 

Imagine having a clear face with fewer fine lines making your smile stand out, and you’ll feel radiant. After a massage relieves back pain and helps you stand taller, your body language will project confidence along with your facial expression.

If certain social activities cause you to worry and panic, imagine how a boost of confidence can help alleviate those stressors and help you have a good time in those situations. 

#3 – Increased Relaxation With a Spa Experience

Relaxation slows your heart rate and reduces your levels of anxiety hormones. Relaxation can help lessen the symptoms of some mental disorders. Relaxation even increases your ability to concentrate, which can significantly help your mental health.

If you have a challenging time concentrating at work, that can lead to work-related anxiety, which can start a downward spiral leading to subpar work and insecurity. You’ll do better work and have a more positive mindset when you can focus. 

#4 – Improved Sleep Following a Total Body Treatment

The muscles in your body may hang onto feelings of anxiety and tighten. That tightness can make falling asleep challenging. Also, worries can cause your mind to race when trying to sleep. But when you go to the spa, the time of relaxation and the improved circulation you experience will help you release the tension and worries that keep you awake.

Although some may argue the scientific validity, therapists claim the release of toxins during a spa visit can make you feel more tired and sleep better at night. If you visit the spa and experience better sleep, you’ll probably just enjoy the benefits without wasting your time worrying about disagreements between followers of science and alternative therapists. 

Quality sleep can be tough to get when you’re traveling, but scheduling a spa visit during your trip can help you relax and sleep soundly even when you’re away from the comforts of your own room.

You might even be able to learn and practice relaxation techniques at the spa that you can do at home when you’re preparing for sleep.

#5 – Reduced Depression With Spa Treatments

A massage helps reduce your cortisol levels. Since cortisol is associated with the hormones that relate to depression, visiting the spa could lead to reduced depression. 

If health conditions make you feel depressed, that depression can make it harder for your body to fight your health problems. A healthy, positive mindset can help you deal with your physical limitations and become stronger. 

#6 – Improved Overall Health With Each Spa Visit

Because taking care of your body also takes care of your mind. Each of your body’s functions affects others, and when your physical health is optimal, your mental health will improve.

Improved overall health has several benefits.

Insurance Savings Associated With Better Health

The better your health, the lower life insurance premiums you’ll be eligible for. Visiting the spa can help reduce your blood pressure which is one of the metrics used to determine your life insurance premiums. 

If you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy, you might want to plan a visit to the spa a day or so before your health exam.

Lower Medical Bills After Spa Days

The healthier you are, the fewer times you’ll need to visit the doctor or hospital and the more money you’ll save. You might even be able to remove medications from your routine if your mental and physical health improves following spa visits. 

More Opportunities for Success 

Without your mental and physical health holding you back, you’ll be more likely to try new adventures. Your confidence could encourage you to take healthy risks and improve your work life. When one part of your life gets better, other parts often follow. 

A spa day can seem expensive, but when you realize how much it can benefit your mental health, you might consider the cost as an investment. Of course, it’s challenging to put a price tag on your well-being, but for many, a spa day is worth every penny.

About the Author:
Melanie Musson writes and researches for the life insurance comparison site, QuickQuote.com. She’s passionate about helping others understand how their total body wellness is related to their life insurance opportunities. 

If you feel the stresses of life building up, you might start to feel unwell. Perhaps you feel depressed or overwhelmed. Your skin affects so many aspects of your life. For example, skin cancer affects life insurance, acne may affect your self-confidence, and dry skin may make you want to stay covered up. It may…